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For accurate transcripts of audio and video recordings, look no further than With a dedicated team of experienced transcriptionists, our agency provides reliable transcription services for all clients in Malaysia. We ensure that transcripts are easily accessible and clearly organized, so businesses can use them with confidence knowing that the content is accurate and up to speed with their needs.

Our team specializes in providing high-quality transcripts for various types of media, including interviews, speeches, seminars, lectures, and more. Regardless of industry, any business looking for accurate transcription for any audio or video recordings can benefit from our services.

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Hire Our Team of Experienced Transcribers in Malaysia

Malaysia Translators offers the top-notch transcription services for clients in Malaysia, thanks to our team of experienced native Malay transcribers. Our transcribers are well-versed in the nuances of the language and can transcribe audio to text with exceptional accuracy.

We understand that no two business needs are alike; that’s why our experienced transcriptionists provide flexible transcription solutions tailored to each individual requirement. We make sure that every transcript reflects the client’s desired outcomes, with accuracy and precision at the core of our process

Our transcription rate in Malaysia are highly affordable, making our services accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets. We also offer rush services when needed, to meet tight deadlines and ensure timely delivery of transcription projects.

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Our team of experienced Malaysian transcriptionists ensures accurate and timely delivery of your transcriptions, helping you save time and effort. We offer a convenient and affordable way to get all types of transcription services in KL, Malaysia. Our Malaysia transcription services include:

Interview Transcription

We provide interview transcription services in Malaysia for various industries, including media, research, and journalism. Our experienced transcriptionists ensure that the interview is transcribed accurately and with the proper formatting.

Conference Transcription

Our conference transcription services help businesses in Malaysia to keep a record of their conference proceedings, meetings, and presentations. We transcribe the audio or video recordings of your conference with utmost accuracy and attention to detail.

Academic Transcription

We offer academic transcription services for researchers, professors, and students who need their academic interviews, lectures, or research recordings transcribed. Our Malaysian academic transcriptionists have the necessary expertise in various academic fields, ensuring accurate transcription.

Business Transcription

Our business transcription services cater to businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporate companies who require transcription of their meetings, presentations, or interviews in Malaysia. Our transcriptionists ensure that your business transcription is accurately transcribed with confidentiality and security.

Medical Transcription

Our medical transcription services cater to healthcare professionals who require their medical notes, prescriptions, and patient records transcribed accurately. Our team of medical transcriptionists has in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, ensuring accurate transcription in Malaysia.

Podcast Transcription

We offer podcast transcription services in Malaysia for podcasters who want to make their podcast accessible to a broader audience. We transcribe the audio of your podcast into text format, making it easier for your audience to read and understand.

Legal Transcription

Our legal transcription services cater to law firms, attorneys, and legal professionals who require transcription of their court proceedings, depositions, or legal documents. We ensure that our Malaysia-based legal transcriptionists have a thorough understanding of legal terminology, ensuring accurate transcription.

Sermon Transcription

We provide sermon transcription services in Malaysia for religious organizations and pastors who need their sermons transcribed for archiving, sharing, or translation purposes. Our experienced transcriptionists ensure that the sermon is transcribed accurately and with proper formatting.

Get Accurate Transcriptions for Your Audio and Video Content Today in Malaysia!

Accepted Audio File Formats for Transcription at

At, we offer a wide range of online transcription services in Malaysia, and this flexibility in accepting different audio file formats makes it easier for clients to submit their files and receive accurate transcriptions in a timely manner. Some of the formats we can transcribe include:

  • Olympus, Lanier & Grundig (dss)
  • Video & Audio taken from phone
  • dct (encrypted dictation)
  • RealAudio (ra and rm)
  • mp2, vox, PCM, uLaw
  • Sanyo Digital Recorder format
  • DSP TrueSpeech*, GSM 6.10
  • Windows Media, VoiceIt (sri)
  • Philips Digital Recorder format
  • Sony Recorder formats (msv, dvf)

Tailored Transcribing Services in Malaysia for All Your Transcription Need

By offering customized transcription solutions, ensures that clients receive accurate and high-quality transcriptions that meet their specific requirements. Our company recognizes that different clients have different requirements when it comes to transcribing audio or video content, and therefore offers transcribing services in Malaysia that can accommodate a wide range of needs.

Media and Entertainment Professionals

These professionals often require transcription services for interviews, documentaries, and other types of audio or video content related to the media and entertainment industry. Transcriptions can be used for subtitles, closed captions, or as reference material for future projects.

Academics and Researchers

Academics and researchers may require transcription services for their research interviews, focus groups, or lectures. Transcriptions help them to analyze and organize data, and can also be used for reference purposes.

Legal Professionals

Legal professionals often require transcription services for depositions, court proceedings, or client meetings. Accurate transcripts are crucial in the legal field for reference, analysis, and record-keeping purposes.

Consultants and Market Research Executives

These professionals may require transcription services for their research interviews, focus groups, or customer feedback surveys. Transcripts help them to analyze data and make informed decisions for their clients or organizations.

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals may require transcription services for medical dictations, patient consultations, or research interviews. Transcriptions are important for accurate record-keeping and can also aid in medical research and education.

Get Accurate Transcriptions for Your Audio and Video Content Today in Malaysia!

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FAQ’s - Best Transcription Services in Malaysia

Ans: At, we offer affordable transcription services tailored to meet your needs. Our transcription rates are competitive and we ensure that you receive high-quality and accurate transcriptions that are delivered within your desired timeframe. We understand the importance of affordability without compromising on the quality of service, and we strive to provide cost-effective transcription services to our clients in Malaysia.
Ans: The cost of transcription services depends on the type of media and length of the audio or video being transcribed. “Transcription rates per minute” are determined based on this information. You can expect to pay anywhere from RM 5 to RM 20 per minute for transcription services.
Ans: has a rigorous quality control process in place to ensure the accuracy of transcribed content. All transcriptions are proofread by experienced editors to ensure accuracy and consistency. They also use advanced software to check for any spelling or grammatical errors. Additionally, they employ native speakers to ensure that the transcriptions are culturally appropriate and use the correct terminology.
Ans: If you're looking to hire a court transcriber in Malaysia, you may want to start by contacting legal transcription service providers in the country. is one such provider that offers legal transcription services, including court transcription. Our team of experienced transcriptionists is dedicated to providing accurate and high-quality high-court transcription services so that businesses can use them with confidence.
Ans: Our team of experienced transcriptionists strive to provide transcripts within 24-48 hours. However, this can vary depending on the complexity and length of audio or video recordings. We also offer rush service if needed. Get in touch with our customer service representative today to learn more about our transcription services and turnaround times.
Ans: Yes. We offer both verbatim and non-verbatim transcription services to meet the needs of any client in Malaysia. Verbatim transcripts capture all utterances, including false starts, stutters, and filler words, while non-verbatim transcripts omit these types of utterances. We also offer proofreading services to ensure the highest quality transcript is delivered to our clients.

Get Accurate Transcriptions for Your Audio and Video Content Today in Malaysia!

Transform your audio and video content into organized, written transcripts with's expert transcription services. Don't waste your time sifting through hours of audio recordings - let us do the work for you. Order your transcription services online in Malaysia today and take your content to the next level!

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